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Underbelly: 10 Things - Teaching

Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly
#145 in a series of wild and precious ways to teach people who you are.

This week I contemplated teaching. It all came together in this line from Mike Birbiglia’s podcast, Working It Out:
Chloe Fineman: “Show them — no. Teach them who you are. … Everyone’s so quick to label, or put you in a thing. Even with like I’m in comedy and I have to teach people I can act. And it’s really like you have the control and the power.
Mike Birbiglia: "Oh that’s such good advice.
Chloe Fineman: "I dunno. If you want to be something, you can teach people you are that thing.
Mike Birbiglia: "I feel like, in life, one of the biggest frustrations is being misunderstood. So, like, the teaching them who you are is kind of like the answer to that.
Chloe Fineman: "100%.
Mike Birbiglia: "I know so many artists…I’m like this — who are like, people don’t understand this about me — well it’s kind of on me —
Chloe Fineman: "To teach them —
"Teach them who you are…acting can be such absolute hell with people saying ‘You’re more blah, you’re this thing’ — and then the art, the career, the beauty of that just dies so quickly.”
I think you can also replace “life” for “acting” in the sentence above.
“Teach them who you are” — Chloe Fineman, on Mike Birbiglia’s Working it Out
“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” — Johann Hari, Everything you know about addiction is wrong
3. Prompt
How do we teach what we do not know? And…how do we teach in a way that is heard and understood?
I have a dear friend who knew she wanted to be a clinical psychologist when she was maybe 18. And she is a clinical psychologist. I admire that so much :)
Do you know know who you are?
How well do you teach this?
4. Quest
Attempt this: First, when you are out in the world, notice when you tell people who they are.
Then, notice how you present yourself. Is it as you intended? Do you show and teach people around you who you are?
5. Level up
If you tell people who they are, perhaps question this.
If you can improve how you show up to better reflect your true self, try it out a bit. Perhaps gently, especially if your true self is someone who yodels loudly in public spaces or something like this :)
But test the waters. Becoming who you are is such an important piece in joining your community. And…it’s possible that through showing and teaching who you are in a respectful, caring and loving community of friends, you might learn from those around you as well. I know this is true for me.
6. Video
Lessons a drug addict can teach you | Lauren Windle | TEDxSurreyUniversity
Lessons a drug addict can teach you | Lauren Windle | TEDxSurreyUniversity
7. Podcast
8. Poem
My Sister Teaches Me How to Ululate by Seema Yasmin - Poems |
9. Hero
Alie Ward - Wikipedia
10. Connect
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Wendy Kelly
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