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Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly
#122 in a series of wild and precious ways to learn how to avoid the temptation to fight your battles wearing other people’s armor.

This week I contemplated hype - the noise that exists all around us that helps train us away from attending to what is important and instead lures us, drags us, to the next loud thing.
This weekend while listening to a conversation between Iain McGilchrist and Sharon Dirckx, I heard this:
“Attention is a deeply moral act.”
Later, (well, on Sunday :) ) Jeff Strong said this:
“Be careful not to be tempted to fight the battles you are presented with wearing other people’s armor.”
— which came from the moment where David decides he won’t be able to do what he needs to do to defeat Goliath wearing Saul’s armor.
What we choose to pay attention to and how we choose to respond is a deeply moral act.
2. Quote
“Not everything that matters is matter or is measurable” — Iain McGilchrist in conversation with Sharon Dirckx
“The best picture of the human soul is the human body” — Sharon Dirckx in conversation with Iain McGilchrist
3. Prompt
This week felt like living in a crucible surrounded by hype where…
(and this is difficult to write but I think important so I am going to try…)
…I think it was almost like I was, at times, in the wrong crucible :)
I could feel the reshaping process taking place on me but (at times) it felt incredibly wrong.
The appropriate way to go about affecting change is to ask the person what they need and then do what you can (if you feel called to this) to help them achieve that.
Often (and yes, “social media” is the screaming banshee in this vignette) attention is pulled chaotically, led by Data in ways that just seem…disembodied. Honestly not tied to anything substantial.
And so: Yes, perhaps we can all agree that Attention is a deeply moral act.
And then: So what, actually, when achieving even a quiet 15 minutes may seem impossible.
And yet, I am more and more convinced that it is deeply imperative that we return to our core — that (perhaps) quiet voice leading us to who we are, why we are here, literally helping us don our own armor so we can do whatever it is we came here to do in this one wild and precious life.
All that to say: Who are you?
Julia Cameron has an exercise in The Artist’s Way where she asks the reader to answer the same question 10 times. I think that might be appropriate for this week.
Who are you? Write it out 10 times, and just keep answering. If you can, get a friend to ask you 10 times, and then return the favor (If you have ever done this in a group exercise, it is so powerful. h/t to dear friend Christina Jordan in whose group I did a similar thing :) )
4. Quest
A rather deep conversation I had this week felt almost about surrender, with my friend and I having that courageous conversation that kind of goes, “What if this is all there is?” :)
As in, what if all we are here for is to be in service to the people closest to us?
Now — I say that only because sometimes what needs our attention is painful. Or ugly, or smelly, or shameful :) And sometimes, then, it can be so, so easy to allow yourself to be pulled away, anywhere but here, and soon you are wearing someone else’s clothes, living someone else’s life.
So — what needs your attention?
5. Level up
Can you sit with whatever needs your attention? In a neutral, listening way? Just listen?
I think I am asking as a Yes/No question because the answer might be “No” and that is what it is. That is information, too.
6. Video — This is crucial for understanding what attention is.
An Exercise to Balance Your Brain's Two Hemispheres
An Exercise to Balance Your Brain's Two Hemispheres
7. Article
The Matter With Things. Chapter 2: Attention – Jenny Connected
8. Poem
I was looking for a poem called “Bury Our Hearts at Walmart, etc” but couldn’t find it. In fact, when I Googled that exact phrase, the actual corporation “Walmart”, trying to sell me things related to “hearts” or “burying” were the first 7 results. I think that makes my case for this week pretty succinctly.
Lei Kukui, Lei Kuahu by Mahealani Perez-Wendt - Poems | poets.org
9. Hero
10. Connect
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Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly @wendykkelly

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