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Underbelly: 10 Things - Devising (good)

Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly
#89 in a series of wild and precious things to help you mull things over in your mind to create good.

  1. TWIL (This Week I Learned)
This week I learned about devising. The struggles of my authentically awkward self — consistently, since I was very very young, the combination of overly earnest, laughing too loud, and totally okay with both putting my heart on my sleeve and craving justice can be challenging to balance.
My self-created wilderness of last week extended into this week. Tuesday was especially challenging. My mind felt like a crucible. Jeff Strong has been doing a walk through Proverbs which I had been avoiding because it seemed like one more thing to learn…but one of the videos slipped into my Newsfeed — I am now watching daily.
Day 14, Tuesday, was my turning point for my week as well as the theme for this week.
Plot, devise, strategically create good.
2. Quote
“I often find myself waking up, moving into my day, into a particular sphere of responsibility intending to do good, or being willing to do good, that’s still different than devising a strategy for doing good.” — Jeff Strong , Walk through Proverbs
“There’s a difference between me waking up ans saying ‘I’m willing to do good towards my wife, I mean, I’m open to that’ and waking up and saying, ‘I am planning on being a blessing to my wife in this particular way today.’ There’s a difference between showing up to work and saying, ‘I’m intending to be a good co-worker. I’m open to advancing good here.’ And showing up up saying ‘I’ve devised a plan or a strategy for today that this is the way I am going to be a blessing to my co-workers.” So it’s that extra edge of intentionality" — Jeff Strong, Walk through Proverbs
3. Prompt
“But what’s your plan though? How are you going to do that?” — Jeff Strong
Tuesday those words, kinda like a boll weevil boring into my brain, took hold. I very awkwardly muddled through the day, near the evening managing a kind-hearted laugh from my eldest son who gently reminded me in the way only a 24 year old can that I was likely in the Wilderness and everything was likely just fine (if only I could get out of my own head and into a new mindset)
So — What’s your plan?
4. Quest
You know…from Wednesday onward, the actual outer environment of my life did not change at all.
But my plan had changed and I am here to tell you that — contrary to what you might expect me to say — I cried more.
I cried a lot post Tuesday evening :)
I also laughed a lot. I found myself seeking out a center that was just that much more facing good, turned toward the sun, plotting, planning, devising a strategy for good.
And I encourage you to try this out as well.
What one small change can you make today that might strategically create good in your life?
5. Level-UP / Go Deeper
Once you start plotting for good in your life, it becomes natural to seek out good in other people’s lives as well…
And so…what one small change can you make today that might strategically create good in someone else’s life?
6. Video
How to waste your life and be miserable. (or how to live and be happy)
How to waste your life and be miserable. (or how to live and be happy)
7. Proverbs Series
8. Poem
9. Hero — The quote from Sainte Therese that struck me today is this one: “When I think I’m dying in bed, I would want to die in an arena!” — And how for many of us, our “arena” is simply our daily lives, interacting with neighbours, family, and friends.
About St. Therese of Lisieux
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Wendy Kelly
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