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Underbelly: 10 Things - Awe

Wendy Kelly
Wendy Kelly
#115 in a series of wild and precious ways to remind you of awe.

  1. TWIL (This Week I Learned)
This week I contemplated awe.
One of the fundamental cornerstones of the idea of awe is that it defies language.
Awe inspires us to humility and creativity — two pillars of humanity held in tension which make us who we are.
This week I noticed overwhelm, observed it, and swam in it rather than against it which transformed what was overwhelm into pure awe.
2. Quote
“I think there’s this contradiction that’s beautiful, right? This thing of like how small we are. Hasidic jews carry two things in their pockets. One is this note that says, “from dust I came and to dust I’ll return” and “the entire universe is mine” and they keep one in each pocket. Because both things are true. So if we hold in that everything is not about us, right, and through that sense of awe but then we hold in us that we are direct descendants of the universe of everything in creation that stars gave their lives for the molecules in our bodies who are we then not to take on big hairy audacious things? Who are we to say “Well, that’s too big for me?” Well, damn, a star gave its life for you and you are just going to waste yours? On some kinda “Uhhhh — I don’t know if I wanna say something?” So if we can hold that contradiction which is hard and vacillating between we are descended from the creation of the universe and from dust we came and from dust we will return it liberates us to act boldly, courageously, creatively, and collectively.“ — Jakada Imani, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Awe-Inspiring Power of Faith
3. Prompt
Holding tension between the dust that we are and the star dust that we are is one of our greatest challenges — especially when life gets a bit tough.
Perhaps find a quiet time this week to contemplate where you are in that continuum? And observe yourself vacillating. Notice that delicate balance between noticing that you come from dust — and you come from star dust.
4. Quest
And when that balance is right, take small actions on an audacious thing.
5. Level-UP / Go Deeper
An audacious thing that creates beauty out of chaos.
6. Video — this video moved me to a sense of centered calm, ready for more action.
Jakada Imani: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Awe-Inspiring Power of Faith
Jakada Imani: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Awe-Inspiring Power of Faith
7. Article
Open Up and Say Awe
8. Poem/Prose
9. Hero
Poetry / Mary Oliver
10. Connect — Underbelly project consists of a series of Wild + Precious offerings including blog posts, a podcast, courses and this newsletter.
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Wendy Kelly
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