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Underbelly: 10 Things -All Issues from 2021

Underbelly: 10 Things -All Issues from 2021
By Wendy Kelly • Issue #1 • View online
Underbelly is migrating to a central location! Exciting. As we move, I will be making decisions about how to do this.
Likely a different person would be able to do this more efficiently. What I have chosen to do, after much thought and experimentation, is move out dear “10 Things” to “”
Short term, it may well be messy. Medium term and long term, this seems like a really good idea. Thank you for your patience, if needed.
Here, then, are all the newsletters from 2021. They still live over on substack (which is a lovely organization that I highly recommend…just didn’t totally suit our needs)

Persistence: Conversation with Stan Smith
Perception: Conversation with Stan Smith
Renewal: 10 Things
Renewal: Loving the Unlovable — Conversation with Tamara Brown
Refresh: 10 Things
Refresh: Conversation with Reena Friedman Watts
Tropism (Blossoming, but better): 10 Things
Normal: 19 Things
Uncivilized: 10 Things
Unreserved: 10 Things
Unrefined: 10 Things
Transform: 10 Things
Insight: 10 Things
Energy: 10 Things
Allowing: 10 Things
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Underbelly: 10 Things

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